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    Portable Raman Spectrometers

    405nm Portable Raman Spectrometers


    • LHU-405, produced by Glit, employs a 405nm laser diode as an excitation light source and a fiber spectrometer as Raman spectrum detection module. A unique optical design and a wonderful approach eliminating stray light enable Raman probe, connected to 405 laser diode source and the spectrum detection module respectively through two fibers, to obtain the materials’ Raman signal with both high coupling efficiency and high signal to noise ration. A computer that controls LHU-405  is mounted on top of the portable casing. Software of LHU-405 developed by Glit carries out functions of the laser control, Raman spectrum detection, database management and material analysis etc., which greatly help users to conveniently fulfill Raman spectrum analysis. LHU-405 is a wonderful portable Raman spectrometer featuring without direct contact to materials, compact structure, easy operation, multiple applications and good performance etc. 

    • 405nm excitation laser, high end light detector, grating spectroscopy.

      Optical probe emits laser with a high output coupling efficiency. 

      Non-contact Raman spectral measurement and analysis.

      Software has the functions of laser control, Raman spectroscopy, database management, background substance and log (recording of experiment’s content ) etc.

      Mass production for industrial applications with excellent thermal stability and vibration resistance.

      Easy to carry and use.

    • Items Specifications Remarks
      Excitation Wavelength 785nm
       Laser Power of  Raman probe  High, medium, low     
      Working Distance of  Raman Probe ~4.5nm / 7.5nm
      Grating 2400 line/nm
      Raman Spectrum 200-5500cm-1
      Spectral Resolution ~10.24cm-1
      Stray Light 0.29% @435.83nm
      Pixel Number 2048
      Pixel Size 14μmx200μm
      SNR ~600:1Hg Cooled light detector  
      Dark Noise 7.55RMS
      Integration Time 1ms-15min Depends on the detector used
      Power Supply DC12V/5A
      Power Consumption Max 70mW
      Probe Fiber 1M armed
      Dimensions 428mmx350mmx153mm

    • Security: poisons, dangerous goods, illicit drugs, biochemical analysis

      Civil life: food, drug identification  

      Identification of jewelry/heritage: jewelry identification, artifacts or nature, place of origin and age

      Medical applications: DNA, human metabolites (blood, urine etc.) and cancer cells identification

      Geology: field prospecting, mineral composition qualitative analysis and inclusion studies

      R & D in science and technology


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